Pilgrimage to Nagasaki Day 7 Holy Wednesday

I ran out of my hotel at five till six to get to the six am morning mass at Fukue Church. After checking out I went down to the station and rented a bicycle and preceded to see three more churches. One fairly new, one very small, and one very old. On my way I passed by an old gravesite of hidden Christians dating back to the second half of the 18th century. As I followed the signs to the site I ran into the owner of the land and he showed me around, excited that someone from California who spoke Japanese was interested in this site. The last church is located in a small valley right on the coast. I slowly rode up hill before a steep, downhill decent brought me to the church. The ride uphill wasn’t the most enjoyable but I was rewarded with a beautiful, quiet hour at this seaside church and beach. I made it back to the port, dropped off my bike, took a ferry to a small port that Tora-san used in a film and made my way by bus to my next hotel in Shinkamigoto.