Pilgrimage to Nagasaki, Day 5, Holy Monday

I woke up before dawn to go to Mass at Nakamachi Church. I left early enough to first go to Nishizaka Hill, where the Twenty-Six Martyrs of Japan were executed in 1597. I checked out, went to the local department store, Hamaya, to get my shirt with its newly sewed buttons, some food for lunch, and chatting with someone while standing outside of Pompadour (yes, there is a Pompadour bakery in Nagasaki!), I headed down to the ferry terminal. (Though I first tried to buy some local pudding for my wife just to discover the shop was temporarily closed today.) Sailing during a rainstorm made for some beautiful views but I decided to stay inside and read and scroll after slipping on the deck. I bought a one day bus ticket for tomorrow, walked down to the surprisingly large Fukue Church, where I got my first official pilgrimage stamp. I was happy to find out they have daily mass at 8am but sad to see it was canceled tomorrow, and only tomorrow. When I got back to the hotel I found out the owner's aunt was in the scene in Tora-san 35 that was filmed at Aosagaura Catholic Church.