Pilgrimage to Nagasaki, Day 3

I left Hiroshima before dawn so I could stop off at Yamaguchi. The clerk at the church bookstore asked if I was there because of the New York Times. I had to be honest and said no, as I was there to visit her church. the Yamaguchi Xavier Memorial Church. I had just enough time to visit the church and walk through the Xaiver museum.

I enjoyed rereading Joerg Rieger's Faith on the Road in the afternoon.

As I got close to Nagasaki that evening the rain became heavier but luckily the train didn't stop. I did take taxi to the hotel, where I arrived just in time to see Tora-san meet Sachiko Kobayashi in the mountains above Shimabara as Tora-san 47 ended on it's weekly TV showing.